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The city Bushehr is located 1218 kilometers south-west to Tehran . It is located in large plain on the4 cost of the Persian Gulf, The mountain area of the district of Bushehr is located north-east which left a large plaic between these mountains and the persian Gulf . The weather of Bushehr , consequently is hot and humid.
There was a human settlement 2000 years BC , named " Rey Shahr" in the area which Bushehr is located now.
This settlement was one of the main important centers of the Persian Ild civilsation, which was located on the sea-way between Susa and Mahanjodaro, There are many elements remained from that period, which are equal to the Ilamid era and the suse civilisation . Some historians believe that the Sasanid king, Ardasheer , was the founder of the town "Rey Shahr" , and its was called first "Ram Ardasheer" .
N50bshr2.jpg (114642 bytes)Then is name was changes first to "Ray Shahr" , then to "Bushehr" . The most important places to visit in Bushehr are as following:
Qala Holandiha (the Duch Castle), Mabad Pozeidoon (The Sea God Temper) , Gurestan Bastain (the ancient cemerty), Imamzadeh Mir Mohammad Hanifeh, Aramgah (tomp) Haj Mohammad Ibraheem Esfahani and the Old Church which is located in the Khark Island.
Ab Anbar (water store) Qavam, Khaneh Qadimi (old hous) Qazi, Maqbareh (tomb) the English General, Gurestan (cemetry) shaab, N+Masjd (Mosque) Shaykh Sadoon Kilsay Maseeh Moqaddas (the Holy Crist Church).
Khaned (the house of) Raies Ali Delvari which is located 45 kilometers of Bushehr .
Emarat Qadimi (the Old Building) Malik which is located 5 kilometers to Bushehr.
Mantaqeh Bastani (the old site) of Rey Shahr which is located 8 kilometers souyh to Bushehr.
Armagah (tomb) abdul mohaymrn which is locattted close the to Rey Shahr.
Emarat (big building) Darya Baygui, Khaneh (house) Dehdashti, Emarat Mirath Farhangi (cultural heritage), Emaret Shahrdari (the municipality), Emaret Kazerooni and the quarter centers of Shabandi and Bihbahani in Bushehr.