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Dashtestan is located 1147 kilometers to Tehran . It is located north to Bushehr , and its weather is very hot and humid. Its old name was "Shabankareh" which was a part of the fars Srate some times ago. The center of the area was an old town called Eij, which was famous for its date and orange. The town of Borazjan is one of the important towns of the district which was one of its strong castles.
some parts of this castle can be visit as well as other places such as the following:
h Cheshmehaye Ab Garm (hot water springs) Dalki, Borazjan and Khaneek.
h Kakh Korosh (The Syrous palace), and Kakh (palace) bardak Seyah.
h Dejo-Qala (castle) Borazjan.
h Mantaqeh Bastani (Ancient Region) Tooz.
h Ab Anbar (water store) Derakht.
h Talhaye (hills) Telesmi and Marv.
h Char (cave) Chehel Khaned which is located north to Saad Abad